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Goh Tutorial for Beginners! (VF5: Final Showdown)

Greetings and salutations, my fellow 3D fighters! For those who don’t know, I go by “Fenix Cade” and I’ll be giving you guys a tutorial for Goh Hinogami in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

Now I know that you’re probably thinking: “Isn’t the website called Tekken Maritimes? Why are you doing a tutorial for VF?” Well, while the site is called “Tekken Maritimes”, it’s basically a website dedicated to 3D fighting games in the Maritimes, it’s just that focused on Tekken because it has the most players. Anyway, when I asked 3LI if I could do a tutorial for Goh in VF, he was open to the idea, so here we are!

Now, before I begin, I want to let you guys know that the facts in this tutorial is based off of my first hand experiences with Goh since picking him up in VF4: Evolution, experiments in training mode, and researching VF-related websites like VirtuaFighter.com. If there is anything you wish to point out that I might have missed, please leave a comment below. Let’s get started!

Where Am I Goh-ing With This? (Pros and Cons)


  • Can sabaki almost everything (including other throws)
  • Great damage on his bread n’ butter combos
  • Great in the hands of a player with strong 3D fundamentals
  • Excellent throw game
  • Powerful at close range
  • Great punishes with throws, 46P, and 3KP
  • Potent back turned shenanigans with PK4
  • Not as execution heavy as some characters


  • Not beginner friendly
  • Lacks quick attack strings (like Pai or Jacky, for example)
  • Other than a 6P/Throw mix up, his back turn shenanigans, and maybe his 46P+KPX (X being P/6P/P+G), he doesn’t have much in the way of mix ups
  • Being a middleweight, he can be hard bounced in a combo, meaning he’s susceptible to bigger combo damage
  • Attacks at mid-range are generally slow and easily punishable

Where Do We Goh From Here? (General Overview):

From what I’ve learned from playing as Goh since picking him up in VF4: Evolution, he is a well-balanced character that has great offensive capabilities backed up by a stellar defense. The fact that he can sabaki almost everything (including throws in Final Showdown), has a deadly throw game and punishes that can lead to full combos, opponents will be hard pressed to stop Goh’s momentum once he starts going.

While he’s not exactly recommended for players new to VF due to lacking quick attack strings and a fighting style that’s based off of throws (Judo), players who have strong 3D/VF fighting game fundamentals and have the time and patience to break him open will find that Goh is an absolute nightmare for opponents who are unprepared to deal with such an aggressive grappler that can shut down any of their attempts at regaining the momentum.

Might As Well Goh For A Soda (Recommended Moves):

No matter which character you play, you should be using these moves often:

  • Standing P: Plus frames on block, can used to set up frame traps as well as throws (think tick throws in Street Fighter)
  • 2P: Negative on block, but beats high attacks clean and is great against rushdown.
  • P+G: Neutral throw. Easy and quick input.

Recommended Goh Moves:

Now, these are just a handful of moves that I use with Goh in a regular basis, but there are some other moves that work just as well. Go into training mode to see what other Goh moves you think are useful.

  • PK4: Is +4 on hit and leaves you with your back turned, allowing for Goh’s back turned mix-ups.
  • 6P: Even frames on hit and -4 on block instead of being -1 on hit and -5 on block like the most of the VF cast. Also, hits mid and is +6 frames on hit if the opponent is crouching.
  • 46P: 14 frames, guaranteed combo on hit, great for punishes and it’s safe. A staple of any Goh offense. Also safe on block.
  • 2_3P+K: Goh’s shoulder ram. Causes stagger on any hit which you can follow up with 46P or a throw. Hits mid. Safe on block.
  • 2K+G: The only low attack other than 1K+G (which isn’t really worth using) that is + frames on hit, plus it’s semi-circular. Only drawbacks are that it’s 22 frames and -15 on block.
  • 41236P+G: Goh’s most damaging throw doing 70 points of damage. Use this one often.
  • 46P+KPX (X being P/6P/P+G): Safe on block whether you use P or 6P (and those are great combo enders), can be hit confirmed. P+G is great to get into Tsumaki against unsuspecting opponents. The P at the end of this string is +2 on block.
  • 3PP: Hits mid to high. Second hit is semi-circular, safe on block, pushes back. Can backdash after to bait whiffs.
  • 4PP: Second hit ends in a throw animation and is guaranteed on hit (unlike PKP), decent damage, safe on block. Only drawback is that both hits are high.
  • 3KP: Both hits hit mid, guaranteed combo on counter hit or against crouching opponents, excellent for mid-range whiff punishing, -10 on block though so it’s a guaranteed throw punish.
  • 6K: Crumples on CH allowing for a free combo. Hits mid, +1 on normal hit, safe on block at -8 frames but it’s extremely slow. Use only after blocking a string, after using a standing P, or a failed evade. When used against a mid-air opponent, you can press P+G on hit to air throw for decent damage at the end of a juggle.
  • 4P+G+K: One of his many sabakis. Can counter high and mid punches/elbows and give you up to +13 frames depending on how soon you countered the punch, can follow up with a throw, his Tsumaki (P+G) or simply use PK for free damage.

Goh Big or Goh Home (Beginner Strategy):

With this section on beginner strategy, I’ll be writing this under the assumption that you already have a firm grasp of VF fundamentals. If you’re just starting out with VF, there’s a thread on VirtuaFighter.com that shows you the five steps to learning VF and gives you a solid base to work with for any character in the game. It can be found at: http://virtuafighter.com/threads/5-steps-to-learning-virtua-fighter.15813/

Despite not having any quick attack strings, Goh can be played aggressively. However, against other aggressive players, it’ll be a tough battle unless you make full use Goh’s many defensive tools, namely his many sabakis, counter hits, throws, 2P and movement.

4P+G+K can take care of high and mid punches/elbows, 2P+G+K and 6P can help against 2P spammers by either parrying or getting a counter hit respectively, P+G+K at the right time can sabaki throws into his Tsumaki grab (although timing on that is extremely tight), 46K sabakis high and mid kicks/knees, 6K is a great move to get a counter hit with due to having many follow ups that lead into impressive damage, throws can deal with moves that give you +10 frames when you block them, 2P can stop most high strikes and put you back on advantage on hit and using backdashes and crouching backdashes to force whiffs can allow you to get in counter hits which could lead into full combos.

With a strong defensive base, you can now get to work on establishing your offense. With Goh, you’ll want to stay up close and personal as his close range attacks are quick and safe while his mid-range attacks are generally slow and easily punishable. A basic 6P/Throw mix up is pretty strong with Goh due to his powerful throws and should be the base of your offense, as well as jab throw set ups. In addition, the list of moves in the previous section can be considered pretty good for offense, but you’ll want to use 46P, 2_3P+K, and the 46P+KPX string the most. 46P is a quick, safe move that can give you a full combo on hit, 2_3P+K after hitting someone with a 2P can result in a stagger hit if they decide to reply with a mid, allowing you to follow with either the 46P or a throw, depending on whether or not they recover fast enough. And with the 46P+KPX, it can work wonders due to having three different hits: a high that gives you frame advantage when blocked, a mid strike, and his Tsumaki grab.

When getting someone in Tsumaki (with either P+G after his high/mid sabaki or as the last hit of his 46P+KPX string), you’ll find that most of your opponents will break out when you try to throw them forward or backward. The reason for this is that those same opponents know that those two throws do more damage than his upward and downward throws from Tsumaki, so they’ll be trying to break those first. With this in mind, it’s best to use the upward and downward throws as most opponents are not expecting them. Sure, it’s slightly less damage, but it’s better than your opponent getting a throw break. After that, add the front or back throws when your opponent expects up or down. Even better, use P+G after Tsumaki to shove your opponent. It gives you +15 frames which is a free 46P combo. Keep mixing it up!

VF is all about mind games, and an aggressive Goh that’s mixing up his strikes, tossing you at every opportunity, and countering whatever attack you try to throw out? That’s one hell of a mind game!

I’ll be posting tips and tricks with Goh as well as anything I find in Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown as well as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that’s worth posting, so stay tuned! Thanks guys!