FFI5 Results & Blog


TTT2 Results:

1st Place: Threeli
2nd Place: KillarCanz
3rd Place: Will EWGF
4th place: Afroninja
5th place tie: Joey Duke
7th place tie: ShadowWolf
Moncolle Knight
9th place tie: Rhyllis
Chris I
13th place tie: Viewtiful Ryan

My first thought is how grateful I am that we got 16 people! Honestly I didn’t expect a very good turnout but it ended up being our best one yet! lots of new faces & a few familiar ones that I don’t see in Tekken often. A big Thank You to everyone that entered, especially if you thought you were going to get blown up but entered anyway. You have no idea how much that helps and how much it warms my heart to see it after putting so much work into getting people into Tekken.

There were definitely some hype moments. Contra vs the NB players, The rise of WillEWGF and his grudge match vs. old friend Killarcanz, The first in-person appearance by online regulars from Saint John WyldMoon and MoncolleKnight, NFLD champ Joey Duke showing up and doing respectably. Also, shoutouts to the awesome commentary skills of Legalic & Wingman.

My only regret is the lack of casuals we were able to find outside of the tournament. Understandably, we had 2 games running simultaneously before the tournament & a massive AE bracket after the tournament in a smallish venue so those take priority but it’s just a shame because that’s really the lifeblood of the smaller scenes. Being able to grab players that you don’t see often and sit down for some in-person gaming that they might not do on their own as much. Very thankful that I was able to sit down with the Duke and have a law-off.

On the flip side of that: Tekken + Blazblue + Jello shots + American Ninja Warrior was super fun.

I had a blast as always. Hope to see everyone at HTT in May!

Best purchase of the weekend:


Other results:











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