Smoothing the Edges – 24/12/12

Status update:

There are things I really like about Heihachi: Great damage, great mixups, EWGF, no real weaknesses… but the main thing I like about using him is the fact that he forces you to have good execution. I mean he has an easy mode but to get the real good stuff you need to be dashing well, just framing on command, generally just thinking the game right. This is a great thing for me to fix my laziness but after a week or two I came to a realization:

He dominates the team.

After a while there was no real reason to use Hwoarang. I mean they have good combos together but if one is off then the other is on, rarely together. They’re two characters that both need a lot of focus and I think right now what I want is someone to supplement hwoarang. He’s been my main forever and I don’t intend to stop that now.

And then I tried hwo/bryan

I know, I know it’s a cop out but wow… talk about fits like a glove. Bryan does basically everything that I want to happen on that secondary character. Lots of great assists and a basic yet strong mixup game that has a similar flow to hwoarang’s. After 2 days I’m already loving it and doing better then I was with hwo/bob or any of the other combinations that I’ve tried. I’m going to go study some bryan players and see what I can incorporate into the game.

Knee seems to keep players around the same space away that I do with hwoarang. he likes to close the gap with b+1 for +4 on block, 3+4, and qcb+3  for the low. Everything is so strong and it takes away enough damage that it can make the other person re-evaluate their game really quick. During that re-evaluation is when I shine so I’m loving it.

Check out this wall combo (vs. marduk)

Hwo CH 2,f+4 W! b,b RFF 4,4 W! 4,4,3 B! TA! BRY b+2,4 HWO RFF 3~4 d/f+3,f+4 – 149dmg or something stupid like that 🙂

Other general notes:

I think I’m dropping Leo. She just doesn’t really do anything for me anymore. Still an awesome character but that linear nature just isn’t my thing anymore.

Lee continues to be really fun & I still like violet better. The clone team is fun but I don’t overly like clone teams. I mean they’re fun for a while, just limited.

Bruce is still a beast, as is bob. need teams for both of them. Jin & Bruce is fun… laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind :kappa

No idea what to do with law right now…. not sure who to pair him with. Marshall I mean, fuck Forest.

Jin/Devil jin is fun but don’t think I’d ever stick with them. Just too much… if that makes sense. I do like mishimas though.

Still love Armor King to death. I must find somebody to pair him with.

Steve is an x-factor. liking him a lot in this game and I don’t feel bad now that he’s not top tier.

I just need to use less characters in general really haha.

Oh, and by the way. Shoutouts to KillarCanz, Viewtiful Ryan, Suicide Sergei, Pheonix Cade, and everybody else that are generally trying to get better and making great strides. My ultimate goal is to make Halifax like a scrappy hockey team: tough to beat at home.


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