Smoothing the Edges


So, I recently made a big decision. I’ve had a character crisis since TTT2 came out. Hwoarang was my main of course but coming up with a secondary was difficult. Those who know me know I love lots of different characters but in the past I’ve always had my main and just screwed around with the others. In this game though I need 2 mains…

So who do I pick?

Leading up to the game I had 2 characters in mind: Jin & Bob. They both have similar movement and they’re opposite sides of the same coin.

Jin is a character that has a stable base of safe pokes that he builds out from offensively. That only gets you so far though & after a while you need to do something dynamic. The thing I like about that is his dynamic moves are largely just frames and other execution heavy moves. Add on to that new stance transitions into mental alertness and a built in rage boost with hwoarang and it made him my #1 choice going in. Being the character I have the largest success rate with vs. high level players helps too.

Bob is just an overall powerhouse. I’m not really sure what they were going with with the character design but basically what resulted is a mishima type character with lots of jumping around and insane overall mobility. On top of that he has so many cheap gimmicks that you can lean on when you need to especially if the person isn’t very experienced in the matchup. He’s very much like hwoarang in a way & people say I’m good with him so he’s up there too.

So once the game came out I played around with it a lot. Went with bob for the first early tournament, won that but most of us were really new to the game, especially me. The thing is though I didn’t feel particularly energized about either character. Jin is great but when I pair him with hwoarang he gets kind of boring. Bob just feels silly… I’m not sure how to even put it.

Then after a while I fell back in love with law. Marshall specifically. He’s the character that I’ve put the 2nd most time into when you count every tekken together and he gelled with hwoarang in an odd but cohesive way. I was very big on marshall/hwo for a while and used them in the next tournament.

What I found from that experience was that after the bulk of marshall’s offence is determined he doesn’t have a whole lot. Hwoarang has an endless bag of tricks but law’s bag is smaller. I’d have to use him in a completely different way then I do now and I’m not really interested in that.

So at this point I was thinking “well, I guess I’ll go back to bob now since I don’t want to be just another jin/hwo team”.

It’s funny nobody ever really sticks with the same character they start with. I’ve been using hwoarang for a very long time but not many people know that when I first played tekken tag 1 the character that I gravitated to first was heihachi. I didn’t know how to play the game yet but at that point he was the dude that I had the most fun with. I’ve always had affection for the character. They say he’s the mishima that doesn’t need EWGF. So many mids, so many mixups, lots of movement options… sound familiar?

Anyway, in this game they revamped the character. Much of his moveset is the same but they gave him a few new moves that really rounded him out well & made a lot of his existing moves much better. Early on he’s regarded as one of the top, if not the very top, characters in the game.

This inherantly repels me actually. Yes, I know I use bob, law, bruce, etc. but just for fun. For a character that I really want to put effort into and adopt they need to have some kind of disadvantage because I just like to be the underdog I guess…

After many conversations & some preliminary matches I’ve finally made the decision.

I’m crossing into the dark side.

I’m going Mishima.


Stay tuned for the next entry of my blog where I confess my weaknesses and talk about what I’m working on to be a top tier Heihachi player & become one of the top players in Canada, while growing my scene at the same time.

– 3L1

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