Fight for Infinity 4 announces pot bonuses!

Just posted today on the facebook group:


Fight For Infinity is proud to announce that Bell Aliant will be sponsoring FFI 4! What does that mean? POT BONUSES!!!

Here is the breakdown for those tough enough to claim 1st place in the tournaments (winner gets 70% of entry fee plus pot bonus).

SSF4 AE 2012 – $250

UMvC3 – $250
Persona 4 Arena – $150
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – $150
Street Fighter III – $100
KOF XIII – $100Special thanks to Bell Aliant ( for supporting the Maritime FGC!***

Here is the schedule for Fight For Infinity 4 (Sept. 15th & 16th) at Gamezilla

Saturday, Sept. 15th (all times are estimates)

12:30pm – sign-ups begin for first game

1pm to 2:30pm – Street Fighter III

2:30pm to 4pm – KOF XIII

4pm to 5:30pm – Tekken Tag Tournament 2

5:30pm to 7pm – SSFIV AE 2012

7pm to 8:30pm – Persona Arena 4

8:30pm to 10pm – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Games will be played until Top 3 or finish depending on entrants


Sunday, Sept. 16th (all times are estimates)

10am – Top 3 for remaining games begin (same order as Saturday)

Feature Money Matches on Sunday:

Kawagawaga vs Chance – $200 Mortal Kombat Money Match

Old Man Rhyllis/AfroNinja vs Mesmer/Savage Shrubber – SFxT Money Match

SSFIV: AE 2012 inter-provincial 3v3 money match – $20 per person

NB vs Halifax vs Springhill vs PEI

– The four teams will be paired off in a single elimination tournament
– One specific character per team/character lock
– Pokemon style elimination
– Team A player 1 vs Team B player 1 will be blind
– Team that loses a match within a set can determine who goes next for their team


This is the first time a maritime FGC event has had a major corporate sponsor so let’s get hype!

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